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We are strategists, high profile consultants specialized in providing companies with  state-of-the-art practices combined with the cutting edge technologies available: from Internet of things, via bigdatata up to Arificial Intelligence and data science. Let us pave a way for you to the bright future you deserve.

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We have worked in the consulting field for years, heading the way with compagnies from multiple origins, domains and specialties, getting together toward transformation projects to achieve their objectives and give them a safeway to a 1st place ahead of their competition.

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We are the key of your success—that’s why when it comes to side by our partners, we are seriously investing our best resources, our deeper knowledge to bring success to our common team. The moment we commit ourselves to succeed with you, we dedicate our specialists to support and dedicate themselves to your  success.

Strategic consulting, transformation & Training

Strategic consulting

We offer a comprehensive - non invasive - audit of forces and weaknesses to help you envision your digital tranformation, to bring your organization to an even brighter future. Our specialists are trained with the best & latest methodologies to assist your development and support your growth. We offer customs services to adjust to your business sensitivity:

  • Remote diagnosys & limited onsite  audit for a non invasive experience
  • Complete onsite audit adjusted to your very needs
  • Mixed approach onsite and remote to adjut to your resources availability and business operations constraints

 We will provide and present you a detailled report, emphasing actual forces & how to fully take advantages of them and recommandation to overcome eventual weaknesses and turn them into commercial advantage.

Digital transformation

Businesses around the world are facing the digital area' challenges  with more or less success, trying to keep up with the fast increasing innovation at a pace never seen before in the human history! 

How can  companies ensure they will do the best or right choice in investing in transformation? 

What choices for organization shape, tools, methods in the speeding market?

We are the answer to all your questions, we have experts & references in the technology industry to help you set a clear view of your options and make well advised choices.

Training and knowledge

Knowledge is key for employees and key resources involved into businesses' transformation, and that's exactly why we are offering traing services and mentorship programs to help your employees and your company to reach succes with the up-to-date skills and knowledge.

We, and our partners offer multiple training programs and certifications, in various domains and for various needs among which are PMP, devops, BRM, Itil, Prince2, Verism and many others!

IT Consulting

Portfolio management & IT strategy

Portfolio Management is half way between art and science, it's about making decisions to match investments with strategic goals, to optimize resource allocation against performance and risk management.  

Our objective as a team is to accompany you and to help you invest your resources to achieve  your company goals. Portfolio Management will bring you value and optimization, allowing you to allocate your resources wisely on your best valuable business options.

Programs & projects management

Program management is the process of managing related projects, with the aim of improving your organization's performance. And to contribute to this goal, Project management is the work of your a team to achieve the success of their projects and meet specific criteria at the specified time. ... We, at Enjin Solutions, believe that Program and project management, well executed, are the key essence of your strategy' success and we devote ourselves to bring your team the best pratices and expertises. 

IT Services management & transformation


Fully organized IT services are crucial to face the oncoming challenges and opportunities that will shape the IT landscape in the next few years! As a primarily It oriented company, we want to share with you the insights about how ITSM needs to evolve into a business driver to help your organization compete.

We are ready to provide you with recommendations for developing an ITSM roadmap, tips for leading the digital revolution in your organization, and ideas for taking advantage of the changing IT landscape.

Our experts will ensure that your ITSM strategy not only meets today's expectations, but drives with success your  future business growth.

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