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At N-Jin Solutions, we believe that sharing our knowledge and teach state-of-the-art expertise is the key for our client success, and that's why we offer key certifications first hand and many training options with our partners! 

DEVOPS ™ - Upscale your IT for the highest Agility

Transform & upscale your IT for the digital age!

That's no secret that the world is evolving at a pace never seen before and that companies needs to transform to survive to this digital maelstrom! 

Devops is one of the key success factors for companies with the aim at delivering faster, safer and better. DevOps will support your company transformation, bringing your IT to god speed.

We offer 3 days onsite training for groups for the DevOps Fundamentals certification (DevOps Practitionner soon available). Please contact us for any question or practical details  

PMP ™ - Bring your management teams a step higher

 No matter where your company is based in the world or what industry you make business in, your Managers shoul speak the language used by over 750,000 certified project managers around the globe. 

The PMP® is recognized and awarded in the whole world as the highest standard in project management. 

We offer onsite full 4 or 5 days registered courses for groups to prepare for the PMP® certification examination. Please contact us for any question or practical details.  

VeriSM™ - Service Management for the digital age


In the new age, evey individual in your organisation has to become a service provider. 

VeriSM™ stands to provide a new vision of your operationnal model, scalable, modeled on your business goals to achieve success!

With VeriSM™ as an new integrated services approach, we will help you define or refine your service managements principles and processes.

rather than focusing solely to IT departments, the VeriSM™ model is company wide, applying to each and every department of your organization, turning each single part of it in a perfectly organized service provider.

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